Nairobi – Exploring the African Culture in Style and Luxury

Nairobi-1-300x225Kenya is an East African Country. It shares its borders with the five other African countries Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudanto, Ethopia and Somalia. Indian Ocean lies on its South Eastern side. It also has the second highest mountain ranges of Africa. Nairobi is the capital city wonderfully blended with all cultures. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport serves the Nairobi. Different airlines of the world serve the airport by offering various cheap flights to Nairobi.

Kenya as a Country

Kenya is politically divided into 47 semi-autonomous counties each headed by governors.  Although it is known as the most advanced economy of the East and Central African regions but still it is lagging much behind if viewed on the world scale.  It has also been under the influence of colonial era.  It derives its name from the Mount Kenya.  Lake Victoria which is second largest fresh water lake of the world is also in Kenya.  Lake Victoria is big lake in terms of its geographical area and it is also shared with the neighboring countries of Uganda and Tanzania.

Service sector of the country is the major driver of economy by contributing almost 61% of GDP. It is mainly dominated by Tourism Industry.  This is rightly so because of the many tourism hot spots country is famous for all over the world.  Kenya offers the wonderful coastal beaches, famous safaris. Agriculture is the second largest driver of country’s economy after service sector. The main cash crops of the country are Tea, Coffee, Sisal, Corn and Wheat.  It also has good agriculture produce of Coconuts, Pineapples, Cashew nuts and Sugarcane.

There are many popular tourist attractions in the country such as:

–          Malindi and Watamu

–          Samburu, Shaba & Buffalo Springs

–          Lamu – peaceful island

–          North of Mombasa

–          Massai Mara

–          Amboseli

–          Tsavo East & Tsavo West

–          Laikipia Conservancy

–          Haller Wildlife Park

–          South Coast

–          Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

–          Fort Jesus

–          Giraffe Center

And much more as this list is not exhaustive. You can well imagine what kind of tourist attraction Kenya offers to the international tourist traffic.  This is the reason many airlines operate flights to Nairobi.

Nairobi as Capital City

Nairobi was initially found during the Colonial Era to serve as a Primary Railway Station to take care of the logistic supplies.  Since then it has now grown into a lively capita city with full of life and fun.  One of the attractions of the Nairobi is the high concentration of quality education institutions such as:

–          The University of Nairobi

–          Mt. Kenya University

–          Daystasr University

–          Kenyatta University

–          Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

–          Starthmore University

It is not left behind from the rest of the country in terms of tourist attraction as it has much to offer like   Nairobi National Park, Sheldrick Elephan Orphanage, Giraffe Centre, Mamba Village,  Lake Naivasha, Waterfall at Thika, Kenyatta International Conference Center, Tana River, Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi Railway Museum, Arts Gallery, Bomas of Kenya and Uhuru Gardens.

It also offers a good range of hang outs and eateries meeting the average pocket sizes.  Some famous and most visited places are Open House, Mesob, Java House, Trattoria, Motherland.

Kenya as a beautiful east African country and Nairobi being its capital city have tremendous tourist attractions.  For this reason you will find lot of professional travel agencies offering different tourist packages for Kenya with the famous airlines of the world offering flights to Nairobi.